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Diogo Mainardi

Diogo Mainardi

Diogo Briso Mainardi is a former columnist Veja magazine (Abril Group), commentator of conservative TV show, by GloboNews (Globo Group) and is a partner in the O Antagonista (The Antagonist).

He started writing his column for Veja in 1999, addressing culture until 2002, when he started addressing political and economical themes until the end of his column, in 2010. In this period, he wrote mainly critiques to the then President of the Republic, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, whom he wrote about in his book "Lula é minha anta" (Lula is my ass, 2007); to the government, to the leftist politics and to the labor’s party. He follows the same editorial line in his appearances in Manhattan Connection and in his texts for the O Antagonista portal.

He was mentioned in a Wikileaks telegram as a source of the US consul in Brazil, citing conversations with then presidential candidate José Serra (PSDB).

He has been accused of lobbying to the banker Daniel Dantas and sued for slander and defamation several times, being condemned in the cases of offense to journalists Franklin Martins (former Minister of Presidential Social Communication Secretariat) e Paulo Henrique Amorim (Record TV and Conversa Afiada blog).

He was born in 1962 in São Paulo. He also lived in Rio de Janeiro and in London (where he studied one year in London School of Economics) and lived most of his life in Venice (Italy) where he currently resides.

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